Children's Health Plan (CHIP)

Our MS Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is for children up to age 19. You can choose your child’s doctor. And your kids get extras that other plans don’t offer. Choose "See More Plan Features" to view what our plan offers your family.

More information on eligibility and enrollment can be found on the website.

Available ang planong ito sa lahat ng county.

Mga Pakinabang at Feature

Pangangalaga Habang Walang Sakit at Kapag May Sakit

Get the care your child needs to grow up healthy, or to get better if he or she is injured or sick. Kabilang sa mga benepisyo ng miyembro ang:

  • Pagkakaospital. You pay nothing for hospital care.
  • Laboratoryo at mga X-ray. Ang mga pagsusuri sa laboratoryo, x-ray at diagnostic imaging ay sinasaklaw.
  • Shots and Immunizations. Routine shots to help keep your child healthy.
  • Therapies. Physical or other therapy to help you recover.
  • Mga Pagpapatingin Habang Walang Sakit. Annual checkups can help keep you healthy.
  • Unlimited Doctor Visits. Get medical care whenever you need it.
  • Urgent Care. Immediate care for a sudden injury or illness.
  • Chiropractor Services. Chiropractic visits for members who qualify.

Nothing is more important than the health and well-being of a mother and her baby. That's why member benefits include:

  • Pagpili ng Birth Center. Pick from our partner hospitals across Mississippi.
  • Choice of Doctors. Find a doctor or OB/GYN you trust in our network.
  • Healthy First Steps®. Extra support to help mom and baby stay healthy.
  • Mga Pagpapatingin Habang Nagbubuntis. Care for mothers during pregnancy.

Kung mayroon kang hika, diabetes o isa pang pangmatagalang kundisyon, maaasahan mo kami. Our plan makes sure you get the care and services you need. Kabilang sa mga benepisyo ang:

  • Asthma and Allergy Support. Exams, testing and supplies are covered.
  • Pamamahala sa Pangangalaga. Kung kwalipikado ka, kumuha ng personal na tulong sa pamamahala sa mga kundisyon ng kalusugan.
  • Kidney Disease Care. Dialysis, medicine and treatments are covered.
  • Diabetes Education. We'll help your child learn to manage diabetes.
  • Kalusugan ng pag-iisip. Saklaw ang pagpapayo at iba pang mga panggagamot.
  • Residential Care. Brief stay at a care facility to recover from sickness or injury.

Make sure your child's sight, teeth and hearing are at their best. Kabilang sa mga benepisyo ang:

  • Dental. We pay for cleanings, checkups and dental work.
  • Hearing. Screenings and hearing aids, if needed, are provided.
  • Vision. Covers eye exams and glasses.
  • Home Health Care. Care to help your child safely recover at home.
  • Equipment and Medical Supplies. Your child's in-home safety equipment is covered.
  • NurseLineSM. Speak with a registered nurse 24/7.
  • Interpreters. Have an interpreter with you at your child's doctor visits.
  • Tulong sa Wika. Translated medical materials are available at no cost.
  • Mga Serbisyo sa Miyembro. Your benefit questions are answered 24/7.
  • The Farm to Fork Program. Pick up a bag of fresh produce monthly.

Asthma and Allergy Support

Does your child have trouble managing asthma or allergies symptoms? A nurse who specializes in breathing issues can really help. Your child's nurse will:

  • Get to know your child.
  • Learn his or her triggers and activities.
  • Develop a customized treatment plan.

Pamamahala sa Sakit

Does your child have a serious health problem? If your child’s health needs qualify, then our case managers are in his or her corner. They will:

  • Explain medical terms in plain language.
  • Coordinate your child’s doctor appointments.
  • Provide your care team with your child’s medical records.

Your case manager will stay with your child throughout the medical journey. He or she will:

  • Think beyond your child’s medical needs.
  • Make sure your child has support at home.
So you can focus on helping your child get better.

Chiropractor Services

Whether chiropractor services are your child's primary or alternative treatment method, it's covered.

Members up to age 19 get up to $2000 in chiropractic care costs per year. And you do not need to get approval prior to scheduling a visit to your child's visits.

Choose a Birth Center

Where a baby is born is an important. That’s why members who are pregnant can pick from partner hospitals across Mississippi.

We also encourage women to tour the hospital's birthing center. This way she will be familiar with it. And be more relaxed when having her baby.

Pagpili ng Doktor

You can choose your child’s primary care provider (PCP). Gamitin ang tool na Maghanap ng Doktor para makita kung nasa aming network ang iyong doktor.

Ang iyong PCP ay ang iyong pangunahing doktor para sa:

Pampigil na pangangalaga.

  • Panggagamot kung mayroon kang sakit o pinsala.
  • Mga referral sa mga espesyalista para sa ilang partikular na kundisyon.
  • Para sa mga miyembrong walang doktor o wala sa aming network ang doktor, puwede kaming tumulong sa paghahanap ng bagong doktor na malapit.

Your child can see a specialist without a referral.


Whether chiropractor services are your child's primary or alternative treatment method, it's covered.

Members up to age 19 get up to $2000 in chiropractic care costs per year. And you do not need to get approval prior to scheduling a visit to your child's visits.

Pangangalaga sa Ngipin

Checkups and emergency care are covered.

Exams and cleanings every six months help your child develop strong and healthy teeth and gums. If there’s a dental problem that needs to be fixed, that's covered too.

There are no copayments for your child's dental care. But dental benefits are limited to $1500 per year. Braces are covered under this plan.

Diabetes Education

Children with diabetes have a special challenge in their health. Our plan steps up with training to help your child learn to manage diabetes. Training includes:

  • How to avoid and manage a diabetic crisis.
  • Food choices and exercise.
  • How to take insulin.

Equipment and Medical Supplies

Your child's health and safety at home are important.

Saklaw ng aming plano ang medikal na kagamitang hiniling ng doktor ng iyong anak o tagapamahala ng kaso. Puwedeng kasama sa mga supply ang:

  • Mga kama sa ospital.
  • Wheelchairs. 

Pangangalaga sa Paa

We provide the exams your child needs to help keep his or her feet in great shape. And if your child has diabetes, good foot care can help prevent much more serious problems.

Kasama ng aming saklaw sa podiatry ang:

  • Routine foot exams.
  • Mga tip tungkol sa pangangalaga sa paa at pagpili ng mga tamang sapatos.
  • Impormasyon tungkol sa mga senyales ng babala sa pinsala sa nerve.

Farm to Fork Program

A diet that includes fresh vegetables and fruit goes a long way to helping you stay at your best. That's why our plan includes farm-fresh produce for members.

We make getting your produce easy. You can pick up your free bag at one of the many Farm to Fork Program sites across the state.

The program runs from May through September.

Please view a complete list of distribution sites and schedule.

Healthy First Steps®

Maaari kang makatanggap ng tulong at pagpapayo mula sa iyong ina, mga tita, kapatid at kaibigang babae. Gayunpaman, magkakaiba ang bawat pagbubuntis. Susuportahan ka ng programang ito sa kabuuan ng iyong pagbubuntis.

We can help you:

  • Find a doctor for both mother and baby.
  • Learn about resources for nutrition, fitness and safety.
  • Get supplies, including breast pumps for nursing moms.

Pangangalaga sa Pandinig

Trouble hearing can affect your child's everyday life in many ways. Our plan includes services and support to help protect your child's hearing.

Sinasaklaw namin ang:

  • Mga eksaminasyon, therapy, at pagsusuri.
  • Hearing aids every three years.


This plan pays for all your child’s expenses related to a hospital stay. This way you can focus on helping your child rest and heal.

Kasama sa saklaw ng pagkakaospital ang:

  • Pangangalaga ng isang nurse.
  • Kwarto at matutuluyan.
  • Mga supply at kagamitan.
  • Panggagamot at mga therapy.
  • Mga diagnostic na pagsusuri at eksaminasyon.

And after your child leaves the hospital, we watch over his or her care. We make sure your child gets follow-up care to continue healing at home.

Mga interpreter

Your child's doctor and you need to understand each other. Magiging mahirap ito kung hindi ka magaling magsalita ng Ingles. We can arrange for a medical interpreter to be at your child's appointments.

Mayroon din kaming mga tao sa mga serbisyo sa miyembro na nagsasalita ng higit sa isang wika. Sa malamang, mayroon kaming taong nagsasalita ng wika mo.

Pangangalaga para sa Sakit sa Kidney

Malubhang medikal na kundisyon ang sakit sa kidney.

Kasama ng aming plano ang:

  • Dialysis.
  • Mga Gamot.
  • Edukasyong pangkalusugan at suporta.
  • Pag-transplant ng organ kung kinakailangan.

Laboratoryo at mga X-ray

Knowing what's wrong and finding it early can make all the difference for your child. Our plan covers most:

  • Mga laboratoryo at pagsusuri.
  • Mga x-ray, scan at iba pang imaging.

We'll help you get the information needed to improve your child's health or be at his or her best.

Tulong sa Wika

Puwede mong makuha ang impormasyong ito sa ibang wika. Magtanong lang. Then anything we write to you will only be in that language. Ibinibigay ito sa iyo nang walang bayad.

Mga Gamot

There are no copays for your child's covered drugs.

Gagawin naming madali ang pagkuha sa gamot ng iyong anak. You can fill your prescriptions at:

  • Local in-network pharmacies.
  • Services that deliver routinely right to your door.

Mga Serbisyo para sa Miyembro

Minsan kailangan mo ng tulong para maunawaan ang iyong mga opsyon sa pangangalagang pangkalusugan. With us, you have someone you can call 24/7. We’ll answer your questions simply and completely.

Maaari ka rin naming tulungang humanap ng:

  • Mga provider ng pangangalaga sa bahay.
  • Dentists and vision providers.
  • Adult day health centers.

Kalusugan ng Pag-iisip

Ang kalusugan ng pag-iisip ay kasinghalaga ng kalusugan ng pangangatawan. Kaya mayroon kaming saklaw para sa dalawang ito.

Required care is 100% covered with no copay. Kasama rito ang:

  • Therapy para sa kalusugan ng pag-iisip na apektado ng pag-uugali.
  • Panggagamot sa pang-aabuso sa gamot.
  • Mga Gamot.


Dumarating ang mga medikal na tanong at sitwasyon sa mga hindi magandang pagkakataon. For questions about health, call a 24/7.

Gagawin ng aming mga nurse na:

  • Listen to symptoms.
  • Tumulong sa pangangalaga sa sarili.
  • Advise you about getting care for your child at a doctor visit or an urgent care center.
  • Help you know when to take your child to the emergency room.

Home Health Care

Minsan kailangan ng patuloy na pangangalaga pagkatapos makalabas ng ospital o agarang pangangalaga. Halimbawa, pagkatapos ng malubhang sakit, operasyon, o pinsala. Sa ganitong mga sitwasyon, bibisita ang mga nurse sa bahay para:

  • Magbigay ng medikal na pangangalaga.
  • Sagutin ang anumang tanong at alalahanin.

Mga Pagpapatingin Habang Nagbubuntis

A pregnancy is a journey that's easier with the help of friends, family and a pregnancy doctor, or OB/GYN.

Saklaw ng aming plano ang lahat ng inirerekomendang prenatal na pagbisita at pagsusuring klinikal.

Sa mga pagpapatinging ito, ang klinika ay:

  • Tiyaking parehong malusog ang ina at sanggol.
  • Ipapaliwanag kung ano ang dapat asahan sa bawat yugto ng iyong pagbubuntis.
  • Sagutin ang mga tanong.

Residential Care

After a serious illness, surgery or injury, your child may need ongoing nursing and therapy. If needed, our plan covers short stays in a rehabilitation center where your child can heal. Kabilang ang:

  • Mga serbisyo ng pangangalaga sa bahay.
  • 24 na oras ng pangangalaga.
  • Tulong sa mga aktibidad sa pang-araw-araw na pamumuhay.
  • Physical, occupational at speech therapy.

Shots and Immunizations

Routine shots help keep your child healthy.

Kung kaya, sinasaklaw ng aming plano ang:

  • Mga inirerekomendang iniksyon at bakuna.
  • Mga iniksyon para sa trangkaso.

Physical, Speech or Occupational Therapy

Makakatulong ang physical, occupational at speech therapy sa iyo na gumaling mula sa malubhang pinsala o sakit, o maabot ang buo mong potensyal.

Our plan provides up to 12 visits for:

  • Occupational therapy.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Speech therapy.

Walang Limitasyong Pagbisita ng Doktor

There may be times when your child’s health requires repeated doctor visits.

Our plan does not limit the number of times your child can see a primary care provider. This way your child gets care when it's needed. And your doctor can see how your child's health is progressing.

Agarang Pangangalaga

Your child may have an injury or sudden illness that is not life-threatening but needs immediate attention. Saklaw ng aming plano ang pangangalaga sa:

  • Mga center ng agarang pangangalaga.
  • Mga unit ng medikal na tulong.
  • Iba pang walk-in na klinika.

Pangangalaga sa Paningin

Your child will get the care, eyeglasses and treatment that let you see life more clearly.

Kasama sa saklaw ang:

  • Mga inireresetang lens.
  • Designer-style frames.

This benefit is offered by Vision Service Plan.

Well Child Visits

Well visits with your doctor can help your child stay healthy. Maaaring matukoy kaagad ang mga problema sa kalusugan sa mga pagpapatinging ito upang magamot ang mga ito.

Kabilang sa mga serbisyong pang-iwas sa sakit ang:

  • Annual checkups for children.
  • Pangangalaga sa sanggol nang walang sakit.
  • Mga regular na iniksyon at pagsusuri.

Walang copayment para sa pangangalagang pang-iwas sa sakit.

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